Identity Crisis, Where are all the Roadhouses Going?

The Pink Roadhouse of Oodnadatta is for sale. The owners of 40 years, Adam and Lynnie, are keen to retire. Rabbit Flat, one of the few places to camp and fuel up along the Tanami Track is closing on Jan 1 2011. Bruce and Jaqueline, after 40 years of desert life, are going to shut the gates. Are they going to leave or are they going to stay? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, Rabbit Flat won’t be open after New Year’s. The Birdsville Hotel has been for sale since 2006, but so far no takers.

Hunter & I at Rabbit Flat

I wrote Where are all the roadhouses going? for Camper Trailer Australia magazine back in 2011 after I heard Rabbit Flat Roadhouse on the Tanami Track, was closing shop. We visited in 2009 on a cross continent trip with our four month old son and I was blown away by their story. To download the PDF click here. 

Photo left: Me with my four month old son at Rabbit Flat in 2010.

I love Australia’s quirky road houses, they truly are the oases in the desert and I wrote this column to lament their slow, but inevitable demise.

Header pic, my son at the Stuart’s Well Roadhouse, NT 2016)