I watched from a sand dune as my children played below, the beach quiet and empty, the ocean clear and calm. The bright morning sunlight glowed in their shiny hair, they dug holes, built walls and were peacefully oblivious to anything other than the project at hand. I took a few shots with my camera, the boys laughed and showed me what they had constructed.

I turned to snap a few photos of three 4WDs coming up the beach and that’s when I realised one was headed right for us.  He revved up his engine and gunned it towards the campsite entrance. I screamed and ran towards the boys, we were only a few steps away from the speeding 4WD. The boys jumped up from their sandcastles as the white Prado sped past. He did not even pause or look at us as he bounced over the sand.  It was too close for comfort; sandcastle construction was now over. Fortunately, it was our last day on the island.

This travel article was written for Unsealed4x4 about a trip to Bribie Island with my two sons. VIEW THE ONLINE ARTICLE

Words & pics Christina Cannes