For the past 15 years, All Terrain Warriors has converted Isuzu and Fuso 4×4 trucks into expedition vehicles for the mining industry, tourism companies and very fortunate private owners. Before the company handed a brand new Global Warrior and the only off road coffee trailer I know of, to new owners Scott and Florence Harrod, we took it out for a test run.

On the Road

The Harrods plan to take their new vehicle “Sam” and off road coffee trailer into remote Australia to advocate and de-stigmatise mental health. Named “Sam” after Samwise from Lord of the Rings, faithful companion to Frodo, the Harrods wanted a vehicle that espoused his characteristics: unwavering loyalty, humility, but also courageous and felt they found this in All Terrain’s Global Warrior.

Bouncing down a back road in the rain in a full-size 4×4 truck was a new experience for me. The two things I enjoyed most was the panoramic view from the huge windscreen and the suspension seats protecting my kidneys and other sensitive body parts from damage.

We took the GW through its paces on a dirt track, through a rocky creek and up some steep hills before we pulled it over and climbed inside the motorhome. Put plainly, the beast did not flinch.

Single Cab Conversion

This model was a single cab, NPS 75 standard Isuzu chassis modified to 36” single wheels with an upgraded suspension, added front diff lock, alloy bull bar and RUNVA electric winch with poly rope. The combined single wheel and suspension upgrade lifted the vehicle by about 80mm. A passage to the motorhome was cut through the rear window and lined with bellows which can be removed when the cab is tilted for service.

Alloy bar work around the windscreen ran up over the roof to mount a basket, light bar and radio antenna. All Terrain uses NARVA and Projecta products for lighting, power and recovery.

Made by Quaife in the UK exclusively for ATW, the front diff lock is an auto-torque biased front diff (or limited slip diff), comprised of a series of gears so there are no switches, buttons or any electrics needed. The diff simply transfers the torque to the wheel for the most traction and you’re still able to steer the vehicle while it’s working.

The Isuzu comes with a 40L fuel tank but a second 100L fuel tank was added by ATW. The diesel stove and diesel heater run out of one tank and both tanks can be isolated in case of damage.

The Body of the Beast

Awnings roll out of both sides of the vehicle and there are three main storage compartments accessible via the exterior: a large front storage locker that spans the entire width of the vehicle, a drop down bench with a fridge and slide and a rear storage area under the bed. These storage areas can be customised to contain power outlets, BBQs and compressors.

At the rear are two spare tyres with a lift operated by an electric RUNVA winch. The winch housing is also a tow bar rated to 3.5 tonne. There is a dual reverse camera, one pointing straight out and one pointing straight down onto the towbar for easy reversing. On the roof a bike rack was added as well as a boat loader / stand-up paddle board loader. On the driver’s side, the door area converts into an outdoor shower and also serves as a recovery locker for MAXTRAX and other wet items.

Cruisy Comforts

The motorhome component is a fully moulded fibreglass shell manufactured in China and imported into Australia for fit out. Before it’s accessible, the roof must be raised by an electronic switch, but once inside, it’s well, wow. Insulated PVC canvas makes up the top section of wall, it’s 100% waterproof and when it folds down, doesn’t touch the queen size bed.

A dinette with a lagoona table at the truck chassis end folds down into a double bed and there is ADR seating for two people which increases the seating capacity of the vehicle to four.

The kitchen bench was spacious with a Webasto diesel stove and 140L fridge/ freezer, sink, large storage drawers and pantry beside the bed. A Fusion stereo with speakers inside and plugs outside for additional speakers, comprise the entertainment.

The toilet was a macerated style with a 65L black water tank (cassette style also available). The shower stall was formed using the front entrance space. There is a drain under the floor where the water runs out and pumps into a 65L greywater tank. This is by far my favourite component as there is plenty of room away from the toilet when showering.

Water & Wires

As a true expedition vehicle, the Global Warrior is set up to spend significant time off the grid. As such, the team at ATW prefer not to use lithium batteries as they are too hard to find in remote locations. Also, both the plumbing and electrics are marine grade drawing much of their design and material inspiration from ocean going yachts.

There are four solar panels on the roof charging (2) 240 AGM batteries located under the floor (they are also charged by the truck alternator). The lights inside the motorhome are all low draw LED. All electrics are sealed using heat shielding and a full Warren diagram is provided for plumbing and electrics so if there is an issue, you can easily find the fault.

The plumbing system is marine scold and a 180L general water tank and a 90L fresh water tank are fitted as two separate tanks. The general water is used for the shower, toilet, sink and also has a 20L hot water tank that is heated by a Webasto diesel furnace (that also runs the heating system).  The drinking water and general water are two separate inlets placed high on the outside of the vehicle to prevent contamination (they are also lockable).

The Global Warrior is set up with a pump to take water out of a creek or waterhole. There are also pumps out for the blackwater and greywater tanks.

The Tour

The Harrod’s have sold all their belongings as well as two properties, and plan to embark on their national tour at the end of May. Vittoria has come on board to sponsor the first off road coffee trailer, so the Harrod’s can cater their mental health speaking and yoga tour.

When I talked to Scott about the trip he said that the main goal was to reach out to people living in rural and remote communities who don’t have many mental health resources.

“Mental health is the same as a broken leg, it’s just that you can’t see it,” he explained. “For that person, it is absolutely real. The best thing you can do for someone suffering from a mental health disorder is give them some understanding.”

Both Florence and Scott spoke highly of All Terrain Warriors and said they were prepared to get this vehicle built internationally, but were happy to find an Australian company. I asked him what advice he had for people who want to build an expedition vehicle of their own.

“Understand what it means to you,” he said. “Everyone has their own requirements and once you determine those, go and find a company who you can work with. You aren’t buying a car off the production line, you need to be able to work with the people. You need to have confidence in the end product.”

You can learn more about the Harrods, their trip and vehicle and also help them raise money for the Black Dog Institute here:

Price: The Global Warrior model starts from $280,000.

Review & pics Christina Cannes